Wendy Stories
September 1998


My California Kingsnake is playing with his fur climbing ring. He is practicing sliding on slippery surfaces, like my arm. Such a cutie. Do you want a picture of him? Yes or No?

I fed him his weekly ration of mouse. He lunged towards the morsel, accidentally striking a thorny "sensitive" plant in his cage. It was hard for him to pull his mouth off the thorns. Poor little Ozy.

In the evenings this weekend I read MAUS from Jacob's graphic novel collection.

Why am I relating all this? Because I can! I am enjoying life again. Today I am watching life from my computer-based command capsule at home. I am consulting, and I have a lucrative contract to promote an Entertainment/Humor website. Today I submitted the final Terms&Conditions to a big sponsor for an October contract. I phoned a Prosieben TV exec. who wants a few samples that might be turned into TV shows. "No dying, nothing of that nature, they have to have upbeat endings," he cautioned.

Yeah right! Have you glanced at the website, sir?
It's macabre to the last comma.

I'm looking for a few of his gentle Darwin Awards stories now. Then I am fixing the banner rotation javascript. Then calling Adam Harkness & Hill. Oh damn, it's East Coast time there, and they are already gone for the evening. Tomorrow is another day.

September 27, 1999

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