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Elusive Uncle Glenn removed his Finally Revealed Homepage. What's up with that?


My mother is touring in the Middle East with Aunt Renee. Are they afraid of unrest? Nahhh. Incidences of unrest actually IMPROVE airport security, so it's the best time to travel! My mom travels marvelously lightly, packing only carry-on for even the longest trips. Three cheers for Mom! She's making the most of her early retirement.


My elder sister and her husband are developing a killer data visualization tool that you will want! Visit Ixacta to find out more.


My father creates bowling ball art: expect the unexpected as he explores new ways to mount them in a natural landscape, in cahoots with his trusty sidekicks Betty and Lucky.

"Lucky Dog is getting old. He can't jump up onto the bed without help," Papa said, "I guess it's time to dig a hole in the backyard."

"But Papa," I cried, "you don't have permafrost in the winter! Can't you wait?"

"The ground is pretty hard, Whippertoo. I'll just dig a hole now, and fill it in with nice soft dirt, and then I'll be ready."

I guess I'll get worried when he starts to dig a hole for himself.


My younger sibling wisely prefers to remain anonymous.


I used to delve into the mysteries of vesicle trafficking at Stanford. Now I work for an up-and-coming biotech startup. In my spare time I create websites like everyone else, and discipline my unruly and combative CATS.

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