Wendy Stories
September, 1999

I quit my job!

Exit stage left. Digidesign® is short a webmaster, and I am gaining an opportunity to entrepreneur myself with the Darwin Awards. (Yeah I know, 'entrepreneur' is not a verb.) Want to hear more?

Last month my manager quit. His name was Brian. Hallowed be his name. He was everything you could want in a manager. Attractive. Incisive. Dedicated. Willing to give his employees free reign of their ideas. Brian.

Melny, his manager, now my manager, is so fucking lame that the Marketing rumor claims that he's really an (shhh) Engineer.

The company I work for, Digidesign, is incredibly creatively cool, and I hate to leave my buds behind! Those guys jam and walk barefoot down the halls, play guitars with fuses made in 1951. 1951! Given (that's a name, not a verb) Given is cutting me some tracks, to help me make the Darwin Awards famous.

Real-Audio-ly. Real AudioLeigh.
That's an EMarketing joke.
and Leigh are our webmasters.
Webmasters at Digidesign are all named Leigh.
That's why I'm Leigh-ving.
Oh, and Pro Tools LE-igh is coming out.

Tomorrow I turn 36.

This weekend Fez resumes, continuing an exploration of a green and fierce world. We awoke from the dead to an urgent mission to save all. I am our mage. I-mage-ine that.

I hope you are asking, "Why are you leaving this hurly-burly world of Digidesign®?"

Come back next week and find out.

Another Brick in the Wall (midi)

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