Wendy's Resume


B.S. Molecular & Cell Biology
University of California at Berkeley -- Phi Beta Kappa


Creator, DarwinAwards.com

1996 - present

  • Created and promoted an entertainment website that serves 9,000,000 page views per month.
  • Produced entire website, including architecture, graphics, and CGI programming.
  • Automated content submission using PERL scripts and templates.
  • Implemented banner advertising program.
  • Scripted "Vote!" feature, "Email-a-Friend," templating, etc.
  • Customized and automated data trend analysis, ascertained value of media promotions and publicity.

Internet Consultant
Access Advocates Internet Consultants

1996 - present

Developed corporate websites, configured webservers, and installed hardware. Devised effective internet marketing strategies. Secured free web hosting services and donated websites to non-profit organizations. Developed and maintained profitable business relationships.

  • Administered Apache webserver hosting multiple domains on UNIX BSD.
  • Configured Sendmail POP accounts and set up client FTP accounts.
  • Programmed PERL guestbooks, interactive forms, and other CGI scripts.
  • Provided software training for MS Office and email programs.
  • Installed PC software, hardware, and driver upgrades.

A Digital Music Equipment Company

2 years

As sole webmaster, I was responsible for hands-on management of all aspects website development, including architecture, graphics, programming, and maintenance. Helped define strategic requirements for content management of a multilingual, personalized website. Localized website into Japanese and created an Asian mirror site. Under my direction, monthly page views doubled to 500,000 and content grew from 600 to 1000 pages.

  • Created database interface to capture event registrations and promotional offers.
  • Renovated website architecture and developed two-tier navigational system.
  • Installed statistics package and automated weekly reports.
  • Administered Netscape Enterprise Server on UNIX SunOS.
  • Implemented JavaScript enhancements to eliminate frame problems and animate graphics.
  • Installed an open-source search engine with a custom interface.
  • Used cookies to customize language presentation and retain support information.
  • Installed and maintained an active User Conference with 5,000 members

Research Associate
A Biotech Startup

3 years

Developed assays to identify novel cancer drugs. Supervised Research Assistants in the Protein Purification group. Designed protocols to maximize purity, stability, and activity of protein reagents.

  • Initiated the Website Project, with the aim of informing potential start-up investors.
  • Organized and produced the corporate website, including graphic design, HTML, and PERL.
  • Managed group of three protein purification technicians.

Research Technician II
Stanford University

4 years

    Research focus: Purification and crystallization of synaptic proteins for X-ray analysis.

  • Subcloned cDNAs into bacterial expression vectors.
  • Developed purification protocols for recombinant proteins, proteolytic peptides and protein complexes.
  • Performed crystallization trials using incomplete sparse matrix and systematic grid screens.
  • Crystallized 16kD domain of syntaxin, which is under analysis.
  • Presented current literature and experimental results in lab meetings.
  • Wrote crystallization section of grant proposal.
  • Taught protein purification and molecular biology techniques to lab members.
  • Ensured compliance with chemical safety regulations.
  • Centralized lab information on internet.
    Protein Chemistry
  • Recombinant Protein Expression & Optimization
  • Protein Characterization:
    Activity, Solubility and Stability
    Protein Chromatography
  • Anion & Cation Exchange
  • Gel Filtration
  • Chromatofocusing
  • Hydrophobic Interaction
  • Metal Chelating
  • Reverse-Phase HPLC
  • Mouse Immunization
  • Polyclonal Antibody Purification
  • Western Hybridization
    Molecular Biology
  • DNA Cloning & Sequencing
  • PCR
  • Restriction Mapping
  • Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Biological Research Assistant
ICI (Imperial Chemical Industry)

2 years

  • Designed data analysis system for herbicide bioassays using EXCEL macros.
  • Developed hydroponic system to investigate modes of herbicide uptake.
  • Evaluated efficacy of experimental herbicides.
  • Worked with chemists, biochemists and biologists to advance herbicide analogs.
  • Scheduled planting and watering tasks for greenhouse employees.

Departmental Chemistry Tutor
A Junior College

3 years

  • Taught basic concepts and problem-solving skills to students in all levels of chemistry.

Related Skills

  • Dreamweaver
  • Quark XPress
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Perl
  • Javascript
  • Emacs
  • HTML Programming
  • GCG Sequence Analysis
  • MS Office


  • Editor, Association for Women in Science, Palo Alto. 1995-1997
  • Mentor, Project SEED, American Chemical Society. 1992
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