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September 30, 1999


That's my new domain name -- Machiavellian.com -- and that describes me well. Scrutinize the images below and see for yourself.

Yahoo. Altavista. Ask Jeeves.
Hotbot. MSN. Infoseek.
Snap. Excite.


In other news, I acquired a mirror domain darwinawards.de and set up Rolf as my webmaster. He is happy to help the Darwin Cult, happy to get more exposure for his astute and lovely translator wife Luisa. It will be good for the website to have a European mirror. Thanks, Rolf!!

I haven't heard back fromLarry Sativa > so I guess he decided to relax. Sorry to worry you, Larry! I don't want to be ill-favored in the journalism community.

John Given, the talented young DA, has the new domain name, redivider.com. I just finished setting up the details, and sent him login information by email. Watch this space for a jamming fun website to emerge! George also has a nascent website forming at thepatentlawyer.net.

30 September 1999

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