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November 1999

Franchise Opportunities

A French webmaster is translating my Darwin Awards and creating a website and newsletter of his own. Which totally violates my copyright, of course, but anyway, Bruno contacted me asking for a link to his website and I ignored him. He contacted me again and asked if I could help him get voting working. I took another look at his website. Hey! French translations and a webmaster! Why not recruit him?

So I did.

Bruno gets 50% of the banner revenue. And I offered the same deal to the kindly Germans Rolf and Luisa who were so excited about the idea of creating the Darwin Awards in their own image. I mean, language. And I'm thinking, why not a Dutch and a Spanish and an African website? Franchise opportunities available!

Dance lessons Thursdays at noon in the conference room with Jacob. Walking into an office atmosphere felt strange after six weeks working at home. People were 'on' in a way that's hard to describe. Slightly stressed, maybe? There were meetings being held, employees walking briskly between cubicles, women wearing lipstick. Nothing radically different, nothing even unusual, they just had an inescapable brightness to them.

It might be fun to get another job.
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5 November 1999

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