Wendy Stories
October 1999

Third Time's a Charm

I see some trends with my new "Email this Page to a Friend" feature. I have been forwarding a copy of each email for 24 hours, to keep my finger on the program's performance.

Some people email themselves a page or succession of pages. I wonder why. Maybe to see if it works, or maybe to print, archive, or forward them to friends. They might not realize that I only email an URL (pronounced urr-ll) and not the story itself.

People love to use email to keep in touch with family.
"Dad, this is funny!"

I've seen people email many friends the same story, or many friends diffferent stories, or one friend many stories. Apparently the Darwin Awards often brings a certain someone to mind, and one might append a note, "Remind you of you-know-who?" or "Even I'm not this bad!" My favorite comment was, "I don't normally do this, but you'll love it. There is an entire website devoted to Darwin Awards. Go there. Have fun."

Sometimes conversations spring up. "Here Mike read this and see what happens to idiots who play on trestles." Mike visits the website, chuckles, finds another interesting story. "Oh yeah, Bob? Click on this one, this should remind you to keep your head in the car."

"Email a Friend" works well. My program sent 200 emails overnight, and 137 people clicked through. People like it. Glow! It's good to be king, it's good to implement a popular feature. My sister Elizabeth has been encouraging me to do an "Email this Page" for <blush> years. I included privacy explanaations, and the personalized newsletter subscription link (Jacob's idea) is effective in drawing people to the website.

But the title of this essay is "Third time's the charm."

Guess what happened with the snake!? Ozymandias' cage was open 2" and the little feller was nowhere to be seen. I clearly left the cage open yesterday. I hoped at once that I could find him, or lure him back home. Then it got worse. I saw that the window was wide-open, and his cage was only 5" away from the fresh air. I realized with a heart-sinking thud that Oxymandias was gone forever out that window.

But then I saw a black and white striped back. It was Ozymandias! Sitting in his cage, under the weather because he's shedding his skin, and not even wanting to come out anymore. Poor little tyke. Left him alone for 24 hours, cage wide-open, and he's too malaise-felled to < escape... >

Maybe he is hibernating.

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15 October 1999

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