Wendy Stories
October 1999

Library Research

When I am rich, I want a fluffy cushioney bathrobe, and I want a good set of flatware. Aunt Renee wants a $27,000 Concorde jet trip around the world. Carl wants a white Cadillac, not too big or too fancy, just nice.

And I need to library research literary agents. Here's the contract that Agent John faxed: I left in the amusing typos from the OCR.

October 1, 1999
Dear Wendy.

<snip> I will act as your exclusive agent in representing and exercising the above named rights in exchange for a conimission of 14% of all moneys received. By signing on the line below, you give your assent to these te' it's and affli it, that you are the sole and dghtful owner of the above named property.

Drayage Literary Properties


In other news, Ozymandias the snake is able to balance his whole body on an elastic tension wire. Then he lowers his head into his water bowl, and poss fetchingly between some green fronds. Jacob said he was trying to kill himself. Wish I had a camera.

Last night, Iris helped me blow up my inflatable blue velour sofa! It is comfortable, but it is already starting to deflate. Maybe I should try more conventional furniture.

01 October 1999

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