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September 27, 1999

Killer Whale Rodeo

Today I Emailed Larry Saliva
e: Killer Whale Rodeo

Larry Saliva. His name has been changed to obfustcate this narrative. He wrote today to say that my Darwin Award story Killer Whale Rodeo has the name on the drifter's driver's license wrong, that "Larry Sativo" is really his byline, and he wants me to call him immediately.

Now, either he is a concerned citizen sincerely correcting a mistake in his article, or he is subtly accusing me of plagarism, which I wholeheartedly deny. Jacob thinks he made a mistake in the article. I think he tagged a piece of his prose.
I emailed Larry the following letter:

Hi Larry

Thanks for the note! I'll correct the mistake right away. My readers think this guy is highly deserving of a Darwin Award!
The story "Killer Whale Rodeo" was submitted by my audience from newspapers all over the world.


>   To whom it may concern,
>   There's a grave error in your account
>   of the Killer Whale Rodeo. You report
>   the man carried a Florida driver's license
>   issued to Larry Saliva. This is wrong.
>   How do I know? Because I am Larry Saliva,
>   the reporter who wrote a series of stories
>   about the dead man.
>   Please contact me immediately.
>    Larry Saliva

Footnote: I never heard back.

27 September 1999

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