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11 April 2001

The Rant about Tide

This rant has been a long time coming.
Tide laundry detergent.
The scoop.

Tide boxes used to include a green scoop that held enough detergent for one load of laundry. If you had a full load you just used a heaping scoop. If you had a small load it was a scant scoop. Then Tide changed their scoops.

They introduced a green scoop with two levels. The lower level was marked for a "load." The top level was for a "full or heavily soiled load." Of course most people use the full scoop without thinking, causing Tide sales to increase. Use more, buy more.

I thought that was an egregious example of unethical manipulation.

Next someone thought of the "Kill 99% of all Bacteria" campaign. Probably 98% of the bacteria are killed with one scoop but some clever lab tech found that 99% are killed with two scoops. Probably 100% are killed with ten. Why not dump in extra detergent, just to make sure? Tide sales increase. Use more, buy more.

My blood pressure really soared when I saw that the new scoops were marked "medium" (the original scoop level) "large" and "heavy" -- with yet more room at the top of the scoop, clearly for no purpose other than to be filled by busy people who don't read the instructions but simply add a scoop of degergent to their washer.

Use more, buy more.

But that wasn't the end of scoop evolution. Tide didn't stop there. No they took it one step further.. There are no words on the scoop at all now, only runes markings three levels well below the rim. You have to refer to the box for the key. What devious mind thought of that? Can you believe such a blatant attempt to get us to absentmindedly use more soap than we need? I mean who else but me examines their scoops every year?

When will we wise up? Do not let them get away with such ploys!

People are so gullible.

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