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September 1998

Nerd or Geek?

Little yellow Peep chicks don't really blow up in the microwave.
Oh they swell, all right. A 1" chick puffs up to a cupful. But peep puffs are nowhere nearly as dramatic as described to me, over the years, by numerous mad merrimakers. Each Halloween I forget to try the experiment. Now that I know the result, I'd rather be ignorant and awed.

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On a different topic: Geeks.
I work and play amongst them, and have noticed several marked tendencies, endearing and annoying. One particularly obnoxious thread: Geeks putting down Geeks in order to distance others from the notion that they may be Geeks!

In March, I attended a training class for a database backend / content presentation / web management tool. Surrounding me were many friendly programming geeks and one pleasant receptionist-made-webmaster. The geekiest of the class was a long-haired fellow whose computer emitted gentle beeps and murmurs as he downloaded miscellaneous software, photos, and the Star Wars trailer. Over lunch, he engaged my corner of the table in a conversation about comics, cgi scripts, and MUDs. True to form, he asked no questions and did not yield the conversational floor easily. Finally he began speaking disparagingly of the social graces of ... Geeks! As if we would be fooled into thinking that he was not a Geek himself!

What do you think the difference between Geeks and Nerds is? I've heard that the term "geek" refers to a sideshow freak while "Nerd" is the favored term for intelligent high-school misfits.

Are you a Geek or a Nerd?

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