Wendy Stories
October 1996

in peril from the law

so I'm just trying to get some publicity as a freelance consultant. Just trying to let the man on the street know about my internet services. Hey I believe that everyone has the right to put her two cents on the Internet, and I'm willing to help you too. So I printed some snazzy tri-fold brochures, and I'm wondering, where do I put these things? Where will they do the most good, where will they be effective ? Then it hit me. The illegal thing. Where do web-yearning small businesses go for information? Why, they go to the library! So I located the Internet section, 106.6 for those in the know. And I selected key tomes, like Internet for Dummies. And I surreptitiously inserted my snazzy tri-fold brochures.

And now I'm afraid to answer the phone.
It might be the book police.

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