Wendy Stories
September 1996

I knew I was truly grown up...

when I stopped folding bath towels the way my mom does. She folds them in half, then in half the same way again, then into thirds. She says it's because it fits into her towel closet better that way, but I think she should throw out some of the tattered ones and make more room. Then she could fold them the way I do, in half, then in half the same way again, then in half the other way. (I didn't invent folding that way -- I  saw my Aunt Renee doing it.)

I still fold dish towels the way my mom does.

I'm contemplating changing the way I fold towels. See, I like them all folded one way, and Mike doesn't fold them my way. I might change to his way just to satisfy my need for identical folding. The trouble is, I suspect that he just grabs each square item and folds it the way he feels like at that time. A different way every time!

Why do men do that?

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