Wendy Stories
July 1998

I was at a primitive gathering on Saturday.

Location: Bedrock, California.

They were serving bear and elk and boar that they had hunted and killed themselves. The bear sausage, juicy and charred, was excellent. The elk steaks were tasty though a bit dry. The host has a pierced penis.

The pool is lined with big black lava rocks, complete with waterfall and hot springs. I sat in the hot tub with Lance and the blonde, her husband and my sweetie, passing around a bottle of rose and eating potato chips. We pressed hot tub buttons at random, starting and stopping the waterfall, turning on the hot water, turning on the cold water.

Lance dropped his shorts and showed me his piercing. It was fascinating. What would it feel like? Does Rosemary like it? Suddenly I noticed that my boyfriend had disappeared. I trailed forlornly from room to room. "Have you seen Jacob?" Everyone remembered who Jacob was, but nobody knew where he had gotten to. Finally I found him reading in the computer room. "Ready to go?"

It was the Party of the Century, and we left early.

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