Wendy Stories
June 1998

I wonder what you're like when you're angry.

Gosh my friend makes me laugh. My anger is a short summer squall leaving sunshine in its wake. Or is it?

I asked the question of Adam, who replied all too quickly for my taste. "What's Wendy like when she's mad? I can tell you that. She doesn't hide her temper very well, and it's best to leave. Just leave."

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Yesterday Papa said, "Sullen. She gets sullen when she's mad."

When we were little, and running wild, sometimes he would make a big show of spanking me. "Get over here! Do you know what you done? Tell me what you done." Then he would put me over his knee, and just barely touch me with his hand. He'd make a loud noise each time. "Whap! You learned now?" By the end of the spanking, he would be laughing, and finally he would let me up, kindly saying, "Now you be good now, Whippertoo."

"Okay Papa," I would say meekly.

Do you get mad differently with different people?

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