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15 May 2002


Max Cantor: Building Investigator

The house is beautiful!   Quite beyond my ability to describe.
I'll let the documents speak for themselves:

geotechnica.pdf  Big!1,326kb
nhd.pdf  277kb
RETDSetc.pdf  653kb
roof.chimney.pdf  503kb
room.pix.pdf  Big! 1,129kb

The house has a lovely view, but it's a fixer. The uneven and broken stone steps are a major trip hazard. We loved it enough to find out from Matt that the heater had a terminal case of corrosion, the heating flues were touching the wood beams but needed at least 6" clearance to not be a fire hazard, the porch was full of dry rot and eventually needed to be replaced, but cheaper than brick would be better, as brick is an earthquake danger. Shore up the foundations with earthquake bolts and tall wall shear panels, stop flue-ing the gas through the chimney (efflorescence). Drainage ditch to the tune of 30K absolutely required, to install bedrooms in the basement. New retaining wall could run 20,30,50K. Sigh.

The Ocean View

Asbestos insulation, weeping basement, some
fungus.  Foundation needs earthquake bolts.

More asbestos. Flues vent to chimney.

Futile Creosote in Basement

Aaron Wachter Was a Tinkerer!

Proper drainage system for $30K.

Heater Corrosion and Gas Flue Hazard

Don't let a contractor tell you otherwise!

This post does not need to be straightened!

Adjusting Basement Plan Grid

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