Wendy Stories
November 1996

do you live at your permanent mailing address?

I certainly don't. Even though I have been out of college for years, earning a living and living within my means, even so, I don't think of my address as permanent. When filling out those ultra-important forms that ask for your permanent mailing address, I put down my parent's address. I always think that the next time I move, that address will surely be my permanent address. Then I move. And it just doesn't seem like a permanent address yet.

Isn't the permanent address a dinosaur anyway? Who has a permanent address these days. Each person needs a pseudo-address the post office can use to look up the current address. Of course, then junk mail would follow us everywhere. The great thing about moving is the junk mail you leave behind.

I guess my email address is my pseudo-address, my pseudonym, my home away from home.

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