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8 April 2001

The New Year

We got engaged.

David and Susan got married.

Yolanda and Areiel had a baby. So did Caroline. And Karol Ann.

We broke up. We got back together again.

Moms started getting old-people illnesses.

Papa recovered from cancer!

Miriam is having a baby! Miriam and Lydia visited together.

Jacob made and lost a bundle at Interwoven.
"My company went public! And then my stock went down 90%."

I wrote a bestselling book.
I got a very lucrative second book contract.
My agent "went bad." Very bad.

We spent two lovely weeks in Paris!

Paul and Beth got pregnant.

Eric finally quit his job.

We have our amethyst geode!  New silverware.  And my rocking chair.

Oort died. Lucky Dog went blind and deaf.

I moved to Reno.  Carol Tyler moved twice more.

Year 2001 

Wendy bought a car.

< Mom broke her ankle. >

December 2000: I'm famous!

People ask me, "Do you know your own ISBN number?"

No I don't, and there are too many to remember anyway! This is so cool publishing a book. One ISBN for the English Territories, another in the US, one in Germany and one in Japanese. Dutch, French, Spanish, Serbian, Estonian of all places! Chinese! Finnish! Etc.

These stories are on the New York Times Bestseller List.
Who would think people have such a black sense of humor?!

In other news, the Black Cat is still here. Waiting on the porch in the fog, every chilly night and every sunny day. It has a snub tail. What do YOUR CATS look like?

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November 2000

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