Wendy Stories
April 2002

Tiaa-Cref Kept my Money

I sold my stock funds in January 1999, early, before the "big climb tumble" began. I was lucky, in retrospect. But the reason I sold was pragmatic, not market-timed. I wanted to transfer the money to Schwab, where I'd have more control over my investments.

TIAA-CREF is a huge mutual fund company that administers "403b" plans, which are retirement plans similar to a "401k" except this is for employees of schools and research laboratories.

To extract my money from Tiaa-Cref, I was forced to call a "Telephone Counseling Center" where I was counselled earnestly not to leave Tiaa-Cref. And had I considered REITs or other Tiaa-Cref funds?

I don't need counseling.  I need my money. 
They won't let it go. 

One spiral of red tape requires a "signed" confirmation that I don't work for Stanford anymore.  I haven't worked there for seven years!  Can you imagine having to get notorized signatures to transfer your money to Schwab?

Let my money go! 

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