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9 February 2003

"I almost killed a guy."

9 February 2003

Papa said, "I almost killed a guy for that, in Korea."

"For what?" I had asked him if soldiers had a hard time killing women and kids in Vietnam, like Dr. Laura said, came back mentally scarred, or had such moral repugnance to killing women and children that they couldn't do it, even when the pin was pulled, and wound up dying.

"No, that ain't true, them sons-a-bitches. I almost killed a guy in Korea for that. We were in the back of a truck, and he was holding out candy to them kids, and just when they ran and got close to grabbing ahold of it, he'd jerk it back, and oh this went on for miles. They useta laugh at them people, make fun of them because they was poor, even though they themselves were poor back home. Them boys were mean.

"He held an apple out one day and I pulled out my (shotgun/.45?) and I said, 'That apple better not come back in here.' And he let that kid have that apple."

I asked how many were like that mean guy, versus how many were like Papa, and really cared about people. He said, "I wasnt so nice in them days, Whip... you know, it's amazing what they've done. That country was absolutely razed, and they've built up everything from scratch in the last forty years."

My Papa almost killed a guy in Korea!

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