Wendy Stories
November 2001

Aileron, Barrel Roll, Wingover

Aerobatics in an old Swiss Army plane with Christian!

Christian and Denny are babysitting Tyrano (a 12-week kitten) and Christian took me flying today in a borrowed Swiss Army training plane.  Most awesome fun! We wore parachutes and engaged in barrel rolls and wild turns. I loved every moment of it. We didn't do every stunt -- missed the loop-the-loop -- but he was muttering under his breath as we left the plane, "I have to learn new..."

So maybe more next year!

The first head-down wingover was exhilarating! A few seconds of zero gee was incredible! Though that really eats up altitude.  My arms and legs floated in sine waves, and bits of debris spiralled slowly in the air before my eyes, sliding slowly away from the midline. I only wish I'd had the presence of mind to spit, so I could see how water works!

Flying aerial acrobatics was as great as seeing a total eclipse.

Christian, if you're reading this, kisses for the upside-down
gee-force earth-spinning thrill.

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