Baby Squirrels

DAY 66. Rock Returns
Saturday, 21 September 2002

Today Scissors jumped from the cage to the low brick ledge, and from the ledge to the moist mossy ground, and from the ground to the bushes and up into the trees. He jumped and climbed, and before long he was nowhere to be seen!

DAY 65. Rock Goes Adventuring
Friday, 20 September 2002

Rock didn't come home at all last night! I hope he found a garden and a snug sleeping spot...

DAY 64. Away From Home
Thursday, 19 September 2002

Today was hot again, and the squirrels were sprawled flat and listless. I moved their cage into the shade beneath the bushes and trees against my fence. They were cautious about emerging from their nest box in the new location. I gave them lettuce and corn and tomatoes, and went shopping. When I came home, Rock was gone!

DAY 61. Aerobatics!
Saturday, 14 September 2002

Rock enjoys taking a morning walk out to the end of his palm leaf. Sometimes he walks as far as the rose bush and tomato plants, and nibbles on leaves and blossoms.

DAY 59. Wendy's Arm!
Saturday, 14 September 2002

Today the squirrels learned to jump on and off my arm! They enjoyed having me move them a foot or two to a new location. If I travel further than that, they became agitated. "Eek! We are moving into the vast unknown!"

DAY 56. Outdoors!
Wednesday, 11 September 2002

The squirrels spent the first few days hiding in their nest box, alarmed by the noises and smells and sights of the outside world. But eventually they emerged to explore their new environment.

DAY 49. Scissors' Secret
Wednesday, 4 September 2002

I moved the cage outdoors today. It's next to the back door, and protected with a shade sheet that Jacob stapled to the roofline....

DAY 47. Chewing Cheerios
Monday, 2 September 2002

I put some some chew toys in the cage several days ago: an old bone, pieces of wood, and dry monkey chow. Each new item elicited some curious chewing, but not much excitement. But all that changed when Cheerios came along!

DAY 45. Jump Start
Saturday, 31 August 2002

The squirrels are learning to stand on all four feet and jump! They can leap and turn 180 degrees, and face backwards quicker than you can blink. Rock loves to climb.

DAY 42. Lookin' Good
Wednesday, 28 August 2002

Squirrels are born with their eyes closed. Last Thursday evening, Rock opened his eyes. The next morning, Scissors opened her eyes. The day after...

DAY 36. Growth Notes
Thursday, 20 August 2002

The squirrels like their new heating blanket, especially asleep in the dark, curled beneath a towel. They wake up and eat every few hours, squirm into a comfortable position, and fall asleep again.

DAY 34. The Party!
Tuesday, 19 August 2002

Today the three baby squirrels met their neighbors! I held a pizza and fruit party, and many people stopped by to say hello and share their stories.

DAY 33. Scare in the Night
Monday, 19 August 2002

Today the squirrels moved into a new home. It's a big wire cage, large enough to play in when they get older. I put them on their cozy hammock, and they cuddled together asleep. But that night...

DAY 32. Snuggling Squirrels!
Sunday, 18 August 2002

I put the squirrels near the palm tree, in their small cage. Rachel, who lives across from the Palm Tree, saw the squirrel mother poking around! So she ran over to get a closer look,

Rock (lower left) Scissors (right)
and Paper (upside down)

DAY 31. Rock, Paper, Scissors
Saturday, 17 August 2002

The squirrels are drinking from an eyedropper now. Rock has the biggest head, and he drinks a whopping 4 ml then goes to sleep. Scissors squirms and doesn't enjoy an eyedropper in her mouth...

DAY 30. The Palm Tree Fell!
Friday, 16 August 2002

The squirrels lived in a palm tree with their mother. When the palm tree moved to a San Diego business park, the squirrels lost their home! One cloudy morning, men and loud machines came to get the tree...


Squirrel Care Instructions:

Warm!  The first thing a baby squirrel needs is warmth. She should be warm to the touch and definitely not shivering. To warm a squirrel baby, snuggle it against a warm part of your skin, or put it on a heating pad. An emergency heating pad can be made from a ziplock baggie of very warm water, under a towel.

Hydrate!  A lost baby has not swallowed liquids for up to 24 hours! Find an eyedropper, and warm some water with 1/4 tsp of salt per cup to provide electrolytes (or get Ringer's Solution from a pharmacy or lab.) Add a few drops of milk for flavor, then gently put the eyedropper to the side or front of the baby's mouth. It is located about 1/3" beneath its nose. If you touch its nose with water, the baby squirrel will sneeze if it's old enough, or inhale water if it's young. So be careful!

When you first begin to feed a squirrel baby, hold it for a few minutes until it is sleepy, then gently put the eyedropper to its lips, and dribble some liquid. If the baby laps the liquid, good! Otherwise slowly dribble the water against his lips. Some will get inside, and the baby will begin to learn that this is how food comes now. It helps to feed the baby liquid in a darkened room, as he will instinctively hide from the light.

After, and only after, the baby is warm and hydrated...

Feed!  Buy Esbilac brand puppy milk powder. Mix 6 parts water to 3 parts powder, and add 1 part real whipping cream. This formula is too rich for the baby to eat right away, so for the first feedings, mix with water according to the table below. Feed every two to four hours, all day long.

water with a few drops of milk
1st Feeding
1 part formula + 3 parts water
2nd Feeding
1 part formula + 1 part water
3rd Feeding
2 parts formula + 1 part water
4th Feeding
3 parts formula + 1 part water
5th Feeding
4 parts formula + 1 part water

Clean!  Young squirrels do not defecate or urinate in the nest. They wait for Mother to lick them clean. If your squirrels are not voiding themselves, tickle their tummies with a Q-tip and absorb their urine drops.

Friday, 16 August 2002

Squirrels on Day Thirty
The day we found them.

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