Impersonator Convicted of Gender Fraud

Farmington, Utah
A man who posed as a woman during a 3 1/2 year marriage pleaded guilty to one count of communications fraud and one count of forgery. He was sentenced yesterday to nine months in jail.

Feliz Urioste, 34, married Bruce Jensen, 39, in 1991, claiming to be a woman named Leasa who was pregnant with twins. He later told Jensen that the twins were stillborn.

Urioste was arrested in Las Vegas in July after running up more than $40,000 in charges on credit cards issued in the name of Bruce and Leasa Jensen.

Police broke the news of his sexual identity to Jensen. Jensen, a 39-year-old medical lab technician who is described by authorities as naive, is seeking an annulment.

San Francisco Chronicle 25 October 1995

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